Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Way to Increase One's Income

For some time now I've been writing paid advertising posts for a few unique online companies; the most active business came from Up until now, I had reserved those postings to appear over at "Adventures in a Lifetime." It was great at first; I earned about $300 per month for the first 3 months; after that it settled down due to system segmentation. This prompted the need to expand the field for earnings by implementing these two steps:

1. In addition to, I've registered my blogs/journals with,, and

2. I've opted to add A Little Bit of Everything to my list of blogs for paid posts. These posts will be uniquely identified by their tags, as many of my non-paid posts contain unsolicited links to places that I find interesting, entertaining, or informative.

Each one of the above companies has a uniquely different approach to opportunities for paid blog posts, which should prove to be profitable with quality posts.

I wonder what it would take for paid blogging opportunities to be adequate enough to provide full time employment? Can you really earn enough to adequately support a family?

Any of you experienced paid bloggers have some advice?

This is not a paid post; however, if you feel compelled to contribute, please leave a comment. Thank you for stopping by to read! ;)

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