Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time for Learning ... Check the Time Zone Settings!

Over the last few days I've had some time to dabble in the inner workings of my blog. When I first started posting, I noticed after clicking the "Publish Post" button that the time I really finished the post and the time stamp on the post were off. I just chalked it up as blogger operating on a different time zone. Well, since then I have found the place where you set your time zone. :/

This presents an opportunity. Either I document all of my posts, change the time zone, and then adjust all of the post to their original posting times, or I continue to update the time before publishing each post. Sound like loads of fun ... NOT! For now I'll consider what needs to be done while I work on a project in progress.

Any ideas? Anyone out there know what the default time zone is for blogger blogs?

Does anybody really know what time it is, does really anybody care? About time ... (are you singing along?)

Moral of the story: If you are using an online blog or journal for personal or professional use; and you need to have your work properly time stamped, remember to check its settings for the correct "Time Zone."

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