Monday, August 20, 2007

A New Gadget for Dad: Pulse Oximeter?

It's been more than fifteen years since my dad was diagnosed with emphysema. Last month he had to take a stress test for his breathing to find out why he was having a hard time working outside. Well, the test was completed and the results are in; he'll be needing to use a nebulizer and an inhaler for those times when his breathing is stressed. Apparently he was having difficulty breathing out and not in. With all of the gadgets Dad has around the house you'd think he would have a pulse oximeter. He has gadgets to measure everything from rain, to wind, and humidity; why not have one to measure his oxygen levels?

How about a "just because I love you, Dad" gift? Sounds good to me!


Rudi said...

Sounds like a good idea to me :-)

goldengoddess said...

Hi Rudi, glad to see you stop by! My dad has been having success with his inhaler and the treatments. He is such a busy guy even at his age (72 years old) and loves working outside in their yard. This gadget will fit in nicely with all his others. ;)