Friday, August 31, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas

Yes, it's that time of year when my children start giving me their Christmas gift ideas. They want to make sure I have enough time to shop around for the items off their lists. This is when I incorporate the help of family members; I contact each of them with those same gift ideas and we all pull together. As my son ages though, he has more often asked for gift cards or cash. He's has come to the conclusion that it's easier to get what you want with those gifts than to have to return items that don't quite fit. Either way, they are always thankful for the presents they receive and have fun giving too!

Next up is what to get my parents? They are harder to shop for since they usually have everything they desire. One thing they don't have is a recent photograph of my four brothers and me. We've not had a professional one taken together since ... shhhhh ... 1970 ... and a home photo in 1980, far too long ago. I'd love to get all four of my brothers together to have a picture taken to give to my parents. It would be wonderful to one taken and framed by this Christmas as their gift. Perhaps our annual gathering on Thanksgiving will be the perfect opportunity for a photo opp. Not to worry, my parents never read my blogs so the secret is safe!

I wonder if I'll get what I'm wishing for this Christmas? ;)

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