Friday, August 31, 2007

Doin' a Happy Dance! Why? I got a job!

Today at 12:43 p.m. the phone rang; it was a call about the Bookkeeping/Tax Prep position for which I had applied for yesterday! They offered me the job, and I accepted. One of the advantages of this job will be the 20 mile round trip drive to and from work each day. Now that I can handle, especially after driving nearly 80 miles round trip at my last job. The hours are less than I'd like to have at the moment, but that will allow for more time to do some free lance writing. I may even go volunteer at the school one a week until tax season.

The staff a my new place of employment are all very nice. We share a lot in common, being military brats, children, travel, and more. It has a real family feel to it all, and they even do things outside of the office together. Not sure how that will work, but I've done it before with another company I worked for here in town. It seems to be the trend some southern states. Even the more "stuffy" companies have groups of employees that band together, sometimes out of a necessity to hold a core group together as it downsizes, and sometimes out of a love for shared hobbies. My brother and some of the people he works with all ride Harley Davidson's.

Someone once asked me if I knew what the word "job" stood for? Well, I hadn't until then but I will never forget it, "Just Over Broke." Now if only my fortune cookie numbers would pay off! ;)

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