Thursday, August 30, 2007

Turn of the Century furniture, fit for a Knight!

Imagine if you will, a castle in England surrounded by a moat, and along the outside wall of the castle there are beds of roses in all colors. Inside there is a fair damsel awaiting the return of her gallant knight. He is brave, strong, yet completely aware of all her needs, including that of a canopy bed in the latest styles in the turn of the Century furniture.

After all, what with dragon slaying and fighting off intruders into the castle, he'll be in need of a comfortable place to rest his weary head. Let's face it, wearing armor all day has got to drain the energy right out of you. What man wouldn't love coming home after a hard day's knighting into the loving arms of his fair maiden? Candlelight, rose petals gently tossed on the cool silk sheets of their new canopy knight sized bed ... sigh ... wine, roses and song ... all right, I'll wake up now. I can still dream about a knight in a canopy. ;)

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