Saturday, August 25, 2007

Addiction Comes In Many Forms

It's been six years since my split with my ex-husband, and the effects of his addiction are still evident in my life. No matter what form addiction takes on it would be great if there were a drug rehab of sorts for each one. For instance, my ex had an addiction to collecting things, from Teeny Beanie Babies, to Star Wars character Pepsi cans, to over 100,000 baseball cards. Our basement looked like a huge collectibles store, only without any organization! This addiction was not only eating away at our living space, it was costing us our marriage! How? Let's think about that one for a moment. It effected our income, the ability to pay necessities like rent and utilities, obligations for child support, you get the picture. Addictions affect everyone around you, so be careful to watch your limits and know when it has become a problem. The shame in not in having an addiction, it's in ignoring it.

Are there good addictions in life? Maybe ... addicted to love!

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