Monday, August 27, 2007

Birth Announcements: Guess Who's Having a Baby!

In October of 2006 I met a very sweet young lady while looking for work in a nearby town. We ended up working together and in doing so we found out that we had some interesting things in common. For instance, her husband's and my boyfriend's first names are the same. Her birthday and my boyfriend's birthday are the same. We both love horses but when we started working for the company we were at, we had very little knowledge about equestrian products. We both share a love for children, yet she and her husband had not been able to conceive a child after eight years of marriage. After getting to know her better, I wondered if perhaps they were just trying to hard. She said it was all right, she had plenty of nieces and nephews to love, and she'd just have to be the best aunt in the whole wide world.

About five weeks ago she called to see how I was doing. We talked for a bit and then she said, "I was wondering if you knew how to design birth announcements on the computer?" "Sure." I said, not thinking a thing. Then she said, "Well, then you'd better get busy, because we only have about 8 months to get them out!" I was thrilled, this couldn't have happened to a nicer couple! Knowing my friend, this was nothing short of a miracle for her and her husband. They've been together for fifteen years, married for eight, and I suspect they'll be together for a lifetime. Now they will have an extension of their love to share in this adventure we know as life. There's nothing like the miracle of birth, especially when the union of the parents is strong!

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