Monday, August 27, 2007

Finding Cabinet Hardware to Fit

Three years ago while I was working for a furniture manufacturer I had to opportunity to purchase a 2 piece china hutch. I had never owned a new piece of furniture in my life and since I was able to get a discount, I took advantage of it. It's a beautiful vanilla colored wood, with dual door, dual drawer cabinet, and a dual door, mirrored, 2 glass shelved hutch. There is only one thing wrong with it; it’s missing a handle to the cabinet door in the right side. Finding cabinet hardware to fit can be a challenge; I remember how hard it was to find a knob for my antique bookcase that my grandfather gave me. It has wooden knobs and they are a reddish colored wood. I believe it is made of some type of cherry. Since the bookcase was made in the early 40's it might be impossible to find an original knob, but I was able to purchase something similar. Now all I have to do is find the matching stain.

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