Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Movies, PS2 Games, & Truck Toolbox?

This month will celebrate a first wedding anniversary, and four birthdays! Lisa and Steve will have celebrated their successful first year together on the 12th, their birthdays on the 18th & 20th. Then our sons will celebrate their birthday’s one day behind the other on the 27th & 28th! Everyone has been covered, all gifts are on order or are purchased except for Steve, our most difficult challenge when it comes to gifts.
In an effort to keep him from "re-gifting" what we give him, we've been considering getting him a truck toolbox. This makes perfect sense as he has been doing a lot of home repair work on their home. It sure would come in handy to have all of his tools with him when he has to travel to do a job.

This is definitely one gift that he'd be hard pressed to pass along!

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