Monday, September 1, 2008

Productive Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was a very productive one. Jenn and I went to visit "Mr.D" with a dual purpose, first to fulfill her commitment to mow his grass, and to spend some time visiting a loved one. We got up early Saturday morning to get the things done around our house before heading out. As soon as those things were done we headed to town to go by the bank, pick up some lunch, and then headed to my brother's house to drop off Ryan. When we arrived at our destination "Mr.D" took us out shopping for supplies for the weekend, and though we picked up food to cook for the weekend, our host insisted on Chinese take-out for dinner. We spent our first night dining and watching movies, one of which was "Multiplicity" starring Michael Keaton. What a riot!!!

Jenn's plan for the weekend was to mow the yard Sunday morning, and then wash the car on Monday morning. Unfortunately when Jenn woke up on Sunday morning she was feeling a bit under the weather, so our host assured her that it was fine if she did what she needed to the next day as long as she was feeling better. She knew that if she needed my help that I was there for her. Meanwhile I tended to drying and folding our laundry, and helping with the dishes.

Bright and early this morning after a delicious breakfast, Jenn and I started with our chores for the day. I started the mowing by cutting close to the house and outlining the area she needed to do first. There is a section where some roots are partially exposed so I like to mow there to avoid any injury to Jenn. She is not yet confident to get to close to the roots without hitting them which cause the mower to stop. After that she took over the mowing and I started on trimming the tree branches.

Next thing we knew our host had fixed all of us a delicious lunch ... Angus bacon cheeseburgers, complete with a side order of potato chips and a tall glass of iced tea. "Mr.D" you are too sweet! After lunch we finished our tasks, cleaned up, packed the van for the trip home, and said our goodbyes. It's really nice getting to visit, but equally as important that we had things to keep us busy while our host worked on things he needed to accomplish before he heads into work tomorrow.

Thank you both, Jenn and "Mr.D" for making this a most productive and profitable weekend!

PS Ryan finished sanding the chairs over the weekend, so they are ready for delivery and payment!

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