Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Gimmicks Needed

On Friday morning we received a call at our office from a client who advised us all to fill up our gas tanks in preparation of sudden but certain higher gasoline prices. We suspected they would rise after Hurricane Ike stormed its way through the gulf, but our client said they would reach the $5 mark by days end. So we all took turns to head out and purchase the least expensive product available. The station just up from the office was still selling it for $3.61 but the lines of vehicles were ridiculous! I ended up getting mine at a station I saw on my way into work and managed to only pay $3.68 per gallon.

There are many businesses that have to offer promotional items to get you purchase their products; gasoline sales is not one of those. The best thing they can do is keep their prices lower than the next guy. We have way too many gasoline stations in our town, and you would think that they would practice this feat, a few might. It's so bad here, that you will see one station selling it for $3.99 and less than two blocks away it's being sold for $3.61. What's up with that?

They don't even need someone in a t-shirt that says "Cheapest Gas In Town". Like I said ... no gimmicks needed.

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