Monday, September 8, 2008

Residents of Florida May Get Their Wish

If Hurricane Ike stays its course westward Florida residents will breathe a great sigh of relief! Since yesterday the storm had diminished in strength by over 50 miles per hour. What began as a storm packing 135 mph winds has weakened to a mere 80 mph winds; at least for the moment.

Forecasters are predicting that Hurricane Ike will regain strength once it is in the gulf. The thought process is that it will make landfall anywhere between Louisiana and Texas. I'm no meteorologist, but if I lived anywhere from Florida to Mexico I'd be packed and ready to hit the trail in a moments notice. But that's why they pay the meteorologists the big bucks; they know their stuff! :)

Hopefully both of my nieces, Olivia in Louisiana and Talena, her hubby, and two children in Texas are far enough inland not to be to badly effected by this monster on waves! For now my friends and family in Florida are safe, which is a good thing! Did I mention that I am so thankful that Hurricane Ike didn't repeat Hannah's track up the eastern seaboard? Well, I am!

To all my family and friends in Louisiana and Texas, please take care & BE SAFE! I love you all!

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