Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Helpful Blogger Tips & more ...

A couple of days ago, I was searching for tips on how to better maximize my blog here on Blogspot, when I received an invitation to visit a website via BlogCatalog. I accepted the invite, and boy, am I glad I did! As I read this gentleman's posts I found one titled "Must Read Tips for Google Blogspot Bloggers". It is both interesting and informative, and I manged to find some things that may help improve the look and feel of my blog. Right about now I could use a good facelift ... I mean my blog could ... yeah ... after all I am just 29 ... cough ... 39 and holding! ;)

While I was there I there I took a look at some of the other topics. In "Make her leave you soon" the writer shares his experience handling one of life's most uncomfortable situations; a break up. As a man, how do you handle a break up with a woman from whom you have fallen out of love? Are you up front by telling her the truth? Do you find a way out without being honest? Or do you find ways to turn her off? To see some of the ways this writer suggests might be options for handling the same situation, you'll have to visit the site yourself.

Thanks for the tips!

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