Friday, September 26, 2008

Hard Choices in Hard Times

In today's financially challenging times it seems that those who are forced to live paycheck to paycheck on a fixed budget are the most burdened by our current economic crisis. Funds are so tight at the moment that several of us at work are facing the idea of having to make some uncomfortable sacrifices. Let's face it, with the rising cost of both gasoline and auto insurance some of us might have to find alternative ways to get to work and around town. I'm not talking about car pooling alone, but parking our vehicles in an effort to stretch our resources. My children and I have already incorporated multitasking when we need to make trips into town. I've tried to arrange a ride with a neighbor into town each day, and offered to split the cost of fuel with them but so far no luck. No one should have to make the choice between fuel to drive to work, or food for their children.

As the gentleman in the song sings ... "Something's gotta give" and soon!


Learn Japanese Review said...

well these choices separate boys from man

goldengoddess said...

The company that I work for also owns the store next door who specialize in various products. One of those is a new product, a motor scooter, and in these times that's a good idea. If I drove one to work I'd have to contend with 18 wheelers, farm equipment, and 55 mph traffic on my route. I think I'll stick to my vehicle for now. Thanks for visiting! :)