Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane's Hannah & Ike

On Friday around noon our area started feeling the effects of Hurricane Hannah's outer bands. When it began we got drenched! If this storm had kept up its pace of rainfall we would have had a bigger mess than was experienced over the next 48 hours. As it would turn out we suffered far less damage than the middle of the state. Areas surround the I95 corridor received 5" of rain compared to the coastal areas 1-2" during the course of the storm.

If Hurricane Ike hits either the gulf coast states or the eastern seaboard after being drenched by Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Hannah, the damages will be both extensive and devastating for all. Right about now it would be a great blessing if Ike would "drop dead" much like Hurricane David did off the coast of Florida years ago. Well, it's worth all the positive vibes we can muster!

Like Hurricane Hannah, we don't want to see is Hurricane Ike to loop down around those islands and redirect itself towards the Carolinas!


elizabeth said...

thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting. hope you are safe from the hurricane's path.

goldengoddess said...

Thank you Elizabeth, it is a pleasure. My son just told me that our town is issuing an evacuation order should Hurricane Ike head this way. He then asked if it happened to come this way if our plans to head near the Fayetteville area to stay was a good idea? He suggest if that were the case, perhaps together we should all head further westward to higher ground. He may have a good point! :)