Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Weekend Well Spent!

It might have been a short weekend in some ways, but anytime you get to spend with loved ones is a treat! After attending the football game Friday night, we arose early Saturday morning to get ready for an overnight trip. Jenn had promised she would finish earning her money that was paid on her behalf to go to her summer leadership camp, so we were headed out to do some mowing. When we weren't working, we spent time relaxing by watching a video of a comedian from "The Last Comic Standing" and the movie "Tin Man" a slightly different version of OZ (the Outer Zone) than we saw as children. It was intriguing to say the least, as Ryan and Jenn stayed up until one to finish out the three disc feature.

Then this morning Jenn got busy mowing, I finished up the laundry, Mr.D worked on his posts, and Ryan worked on his cardboard Mount Olive "Trojan" helmet for mascot day at school tomorrow. Jenn is dressing as a NC Wolf Pack mascot, her favorite college! I can't wait to post pictures tomorrow morning after they are dressed and ready to head out to school. Back to the mowing for a quick laugh. Remember that Jenn mowed the grass today? Well, the neighbor must have become frustrated at hearing our mower sputter through the grass so he came over to see if he could fix it.

He took the air filter off and headed to his house to see if he could get the carburetor to work better; in the meantime I cleaned out the filter. As he replace the part he had removed he checked the blade underneath the deck of the mower. It was on upside down he exclaimed. Well, when Ryan and I replace it we did just what the directions said to do, put it back on the same direction you take it off. The one thing it didn't say, was that if your elderly neighbor takes the blade off to sharpen it and replaces it upside down to begin with, how are you supposed to know it's on wrong?!

Anyway, Mike took it off and turned it around right, tightened it securely on, and cranked it right up. It sounded better and cut even better than before! No wonder we were having such a hard time cutting grass. Mind you, it did cut grass, but it was more like a ripping or tearing instead of a smooth as butter cut. At least it wasn't on upside down because it was a blond moment! It was a senior moment, and not mine! So there :P

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