Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fulfilling a Commitment

Last month Jenn and Ryan spent the week at a nearby camping location along with other students from around the state who participate in FFA events throughout the year. They both had the chance to hang out with their friends for the week making new friends, playing volleyball, tug-o-war, water-ball, canoe racing, and time learning about commitment and teamwork. Ryan and his friend, Mike, enjoyed preforming on talent night by playing guitars. Ryan had even written a song dedicated to his girlfriend that he sang that night entitled "She Smiles". All in all it was a great week for everyone.

Jenn & her friend Trish watching a volley ball game.

Mike & Ryan at talent night playing "She Smiles"

Jenn the Putt-Putt Pro

Ryan at bat in a game of "water ball"

Then earlier this month Jenn attended a leadership camp for her FFA Chapter. It is an annual trip made each year by the incoming officers team for another week's stay at the same camping site. Previous year's officers may attend, but this year it was only the current officers who would embark on the final adventure for the summer. Jenn was really excited to get to go with all of her new team, and even though she ended up going to the urgent care for pink eye, she still had fun.

One of the things that made these trips possible were the tasks that both Jenn and Ryan took on to earn the money to attend both camps. Ryan had worked this spring as a lacrosse referee and saved his money to pay for his trip this year. Jenn ended up mowing two yards, and washing cars to earn her money for the trip. One of the yards Jenn had to mow was a future commitment. Since her camp was earlier than our next trip to southwestern NC, I agreed to fund her trip until she could fulfill her commitment to mow "Mr.D" yard. She will get to do that this weekend as we are headed for a visit for a couple of days.

Ryan will stay here with his uncle to finish sanding two chairs for an order that he has committed to complete over the weekend. It's so nice to see them both sticking to the things they commit to do for others and for themselves. Now if only Ryan can find the job he'll keep, to earn the money, to save for the car and insurance, to make his life more mobile. That is one goal I am looking forward to him reaching in the very near future. Glass half full, not half empty!

Ryan & Maria Retiring Officers 2008

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