Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Happened to the Sizing of Clothing?

So tell me, what's up with the change in the sizing charts for women's clothing? It's enough to confuse anyone. There are petites, classic fit's, women's, plus sizes, and none of them are staying true to size. One year you're wearing what you think is normal sized clothing and the next you are in numbers you'd rather not discuss!

I must admit that years ago (and even now depending upon the maker) I had to wear clothing that was larger than those gorgeous outfits donned by the store mannequins. Like most young ladies I would gaze at them wondering how in the world I could ever get my svelte body into something so tiny.

Now, it's not what you are thinking, although I've been there done that before too. But as a youth I was endowed enough to warrant plus size clothing when it came to choosing the size of blouse or shirt. Since then, I have had a reversal of wardrobe challenges, and what once was an asset, is now less of an asset. Now the challenge is bringing up the rear so to speak.

A bit more walking and a lot less sitting sure would help improve those odds, or is that end?

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Kari said...

I was at the mall a couple of months ago in a dressing room when I heard the girl next me say "Oh, size 0 is too big for me. It makes me look fat." I wish I had that problem.