Saturday, August 2, 2008

Resources; Are there ever enough?

It's time to stop putting it off and just do it. I've tried everything I can short of hiring a team of miniature techies to climb into my computer and make it run faster. I even promised them miniature glasses of green tea and crumpets, but they declined the offer. Something about having to share the space with all of the dust aliens hiding out inside my CPU. Imagine that!

Seriously, I just have to bite the proverbial bullet, squeeze a bit tighter, put off some of the less important things, and purchase additional system memory if I am ever going to get back up to speed. At the rate this thing is moving now, the slugs that cross my porch at night are moving faster. How slow you might ask? I started a scan of the system earlier this morning and after 7 hours, 13 minutes, and 18 seconds and it is still scanning. :/

Anyone have a suggestion on which memory chip is better to use with a Dell?

Note to self: Remember to pick up a can of alien blaster!

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