Saturday, August 2, 2008

Learning to Live Peacefully

Please! Someone tell me how I can get my two cats to behave when they are both in the house together. Nearly two years ago Jenn found a kitten and brought him home to live with us. We already had a cat who was about five years old at the time. She was an indoor/outdoor cat. In an effort to nurse the kitten back to health we kept him inside. He got on the other cat's nerves so bad that she spent more and more time outside.

Now whenever she comes in, he has to be put in a kennel that he sleeps in at night to keep from harassing her. My house is too small for a cat tree for two, and even if it was I am not sure they would even share it. I had considered purchasing something of the sorts, but alas I think perhaps cat perches might better suit them. I can see it now, Baby Girl will take the higher perch in order to keep Lil' Man at bay.

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You might have noticed that the Photo-A-Day images from The BenSpark have not been showing up for a week now. Something happened to the feed coming from Buzznet. I have been very disappointed in their performance and in an effort to fix the problem as well as cut down the work I do each night to make sure the images get out to everyone I have made a switch to Flickr to deliver the Photo-A-Day images. I have new code on The BenSpark ( that you can use to update the widget. This should prevent any need to update the code again. I apologize for the lack of images lately and I thank you for hosting Photo-A-Day on your Blog.