Saturday, August 9, 2008

Political Face Lifts

You know it's a crying shame that neither of the major political parties is able manage a blemish free campaign. This year brings with its election choices both a young candidate full of promises for change with flowery rhetoric, and a veteran candidate promising in unpretentious rhetoric that experience and wisdom is what we need going forward. And just when it appears that the campaigns are wrinkle free, BAMM, one of the parties vice-presidential hopefuls admits to having had an affair! What next?

Someone recently said that "politicians are little more than pimples on the face of America." Pimples? You have to be kidding! Our country's presidential campaigns are looking like a bad case of acne during puberty. It seems the harder they try to cover their flaws up with political makeup, the worse the outbreak. You would think that as effective as mud packs are for one's complexion, that the mudslinging between the parties would have help out by now. No? Perhaps then both parties should consider a real face lift ... literally!


YogaforCynics said...

Well, I'd say there were already quite a few pimples spread around. What's really shocking about the Edwards thing, though, is that he was messing around while a major candidate for the Democratic nomination--i.e. he not only wrecked his own career, but risked taking his party down with him as far as this election's concerned. That's what I call, to use his own words "egotistical and narcissistic."

goldengoddess said...

What makes John Edwards' comments worse is how sternly he railed on Clinton for his indiscretion ... yet now acts as though the circumstances around him controlled him instead of him controlling his own actions. Funny how quickly he sings a different tune when it's his indiscretion.