Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Classic Success!

Today's events were all successes! We have a full house for Jenn's performance at the Classic. There were sixteen bands and ours played last as we were the host. My niece is the drum major along with Austin and they were dressed in a tuxedo and sassy red and white dress complete with a red rose in Ashley's hair. They were a handsome couple indeed! Our color guard were all very much in character in their red and black fringed one shoulder outfits ... muy bonita!

Though there were lots of things to do at the day's event to help out with we found that most every station had more than enough help. We brought in our contribution to the baked goods with Lisa's chocolate chip cookies and our famous chili. We ended up in the dressing area with Jennifer and helped out as much as we could before heading out to find more ways to help. It seemed like there were too many volunteers, so we often found ourselves simply watching the students file in and out of the dressing rooms and on and of the practice fields and competition field.

As the evening progressed most everyone finished up their jobs in order to watch our kids perform. There had been some excellent bands and since our band had not seen the others it left them fresh and ready for their presentation of "Carmen." I have to admit, they were really good! The band has really come a long way since this summer ranking right up there with the largest band and the color guard was the best performance of the evening. I can hardly wait until next weekend!

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