Friday, September 14, 2007

"Cabin 8" Set to Make Its Debut Performance

This week "Cabin 8" auditioned for a spot to open for a star band that will perform at their high school next weekend. Apparently, a former high school student is trying her hand at putting bands together and decided to give back to her alma mater. So she lined up several acts to audition for a chance to open the evenings event on September 22nd, 2007. "Cabin 8" will be one of the opening acts!!!

"Cabin 8" consists of seven young men that banded together at this summer's FFA Leadership Camp are committed to making their band a reality. As you can see they are having too much fun! My son Ryan and two of his best friends are joined by five other young men from their high school. They describe their music as Rock. We've yet to hear the band perform together; we'll let you know how it goes after the show!

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