Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Root Canals ... Ouch!

Today Ryan had a dental appointment to see why his tooth was bothering him. The dentist says he needs to have a root canal performed followed by a crown. I had hope never to hear those words for any of my children but figured it might happen with Ryan and Jennifer. Their grandmother on their father's side had to have all of her teeth pulled when she was 18 years old, apparently there was something wrong with her gums as they wouldn't support her teeth. Their father is the same way only he managed to keep his teeth. However the condition of his teeth is horrible. He feared dental visits and so he paid for that with pain and embarrassment. My hope is that this injury to Ryan's teeth will be his last major one. I would hate for him to suffer through his life like his father. One thing that will set them apart is that Ryan does not fear doctors or dentists. This event will definitely cause us to keep a closer eye on his and Jennifer's dental health!

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