Friday, September 14, 2007

Diamond Rings: Some Do & Some Don't

Why is it that some women are fortunate enough to receive diamond rings while others are not so fortunate? Is there some magic to getting the man of their dreams to surprise them with such a lovely gift? Perhaps there's a magic spell, that's it! It has to be!

I don't recall any of my friends or other women I know having to kiss a myriad of frogs, toads, or duds to warrant such a show of affection and devotion. As time goes on I've noticed that some of the women, who receive that all "illusive" ring, are women that tend to treat their men with disdain. Is that the proposed formula for romance and commitment these days?

Who knows? For those women that have been less fortunate, stop kissing frogs! There is no prince behind that green mouth and besides it stinks! LOL! Well, from what I remember it did ... of course that was yeeeeeaaaaarrrrssss ago!

To those women whose "Knight in shining ... cough ... armor" does ride in, we'll believe for the best, that he'll know your heart and you'll not have to resort to behavior that is beneath you! Seriously though, I hope that those women who have never received such a gift will not be second to any who were before them.

A hint to you men out there ... REMEMBER a gift so personal which reflects such affection and devotion should never be "re-gifted", that's just WRONG!

Cheers ;)

PS Ladies, you can always buy your own rings if you'd like ... you deserve to feel good about yourself and let it show! Personally, I prefer yellow gold settings!

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