Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Relocating in Florida? "Save Our Homes"

We have several friends who live in Miami, Florida and its surrounding cities. While some have just moved to the area, there are more that have been long time residents. Lately, one of them mentioned they were looking into relocating back to North Carolina if they couldn't find a better home in Florida. They would really rather stay in Miami as they truly love the warm weather and beach life. Sometimes your past just sticks with you; images of life in Miami brings back memories of high school and weekends at the "Officer's" beach.

After talking with my boyfriend, he suggested they consider looking into a Miami flat fee mls to help them decide what is best for them. Mind you, we'd love to see them back in our area but when you see how much they love being in Florida it's hard to push for a move back here. We're hoping that whatever they do that they can safeguard their investments with the help of a current petition to save homes in Florida. We offer our best wishes to all for a well educated move and successful relocation inside the "Sunshine State."

save our homes

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