Monday, September 10, 2007

Repairing Kitchen Faucets

In about six months I'll begin some home improvements that are becoming more necessary as my home ages. Why is it that today's kitchen faucets don't seem to be as solid as they once were years ago? We had noticed a leak at the base of the handle when too much pressure was used to turn the water on or off. Thinking the problem was there we started looking around for a replacement fixture. Upon closer examination the problem turns out to be more the resting place for the sink than the faucet. Over the course of time the water which splashes to the back of the sink began compromising its seal. This continued process caused deterioration to the composition of the counter top in that area, thus causing instability of the faucet handle. I might have attempted to fix the sink with my son's help but replacing a counter top may prove to be too much for our expertise. Where's a handyman when you need one?

This morning Jenn said the bathroom sink was emptying a bit slowly; now that I can fix!

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