Monday, September 24, 2007

Football, Basketball & March Madness!

Who would imagine that football and basketball could have so many things in common? They are both sports, both occur during the calendar school year (though football ends before basketball), and they often share the same fans. Another thing they share is March Madness! That's right! If you've ever had a student in high school then you know that with football season comes the "Marching Band" season! Even though new students are given weeks to practice before their first performance you'll often find them experiencing march madness. It's tougher than you think having to learn three to four complete routines in just 6 weeks. This month we'll be hosting our annual band classic, so wish us much success!

As for basketball, we'll be watching our favorite college teams in the spring as UNC and NC State beat out their competitors in the challenge to make the "Final Four" and become the champions! We look forward to our band making it to the top during our season and hopefully celebrate "Grand Champion" status at an event!

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