Thursday, September 6, 2007

Holidays, Luggage & Heroes

After getting everything ready for this past holiday weekend, it was here and gone far too quickly! "Mr.D" had come to visit and spend time relaxing with all of us. When he first arrived, he brought in his luggage and winked as he passed through the entryway. He had brought along a surprise; but that would be revealed later on in the weekend. Next we headed into town to pick up dinner, stop by the laundry mat, and then hop into the grocery store for supplies for the weekend. While we were at the laundry mat one of Ryan's friends stopped in to pick him up and head back to the house. He was spending the night as they had band practice the following morning. When we arrived home from shopping, we got settle in for the night, relaxed a bit and then turned in early.

Next morning we got up, fixed breakfast, cleaned up and relaxed for the better part of the day. As the evening approached we fixed dinner for the three of us; Ryan and his friend were still at band practice and had plans of their own for dinner. After we ate Jennifer wanted to show off her skills as the newest color guard squad member. She was so excited to show us all she had learned and how well she was able to move since recovering from her injury. Shortly after that Ryan returned, arriving at the same time his friend's ride showed up. Finally, we were all ready to snuggle in for an evening at the movies ... but wait, who has a movie? "Mr.D" disappeared and when he returned, he held in his hands the first three discs to season one in the "Heroes" television series. Boy, is that show addicting! We are hoping to see the remainder of season one before the new season starts later this month.

Though our visit this past holiday weekend was short, it was sweet! Who knows, perhaps "Mr.D" will be back soon to join us while we catch up on the series! ;)

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