Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Successfully Bridging the Distance

It was four years ago today that "Mr.D" and I met online. We were both on the same dating site and he asked if I'd like to meet him. His profile was both clever and intriguing, so I said yes. His invitation was followed by an email to which I replied and then, within days we had our first phone call. It lasted a little over five hours and we had stayed up all night ... bad, I know! That phone call was followed by many more emails and phone calls. Our following discussions helped us to get to know more about each other and within five weeks of our first contact online, we decided to schedule a face to face meeting.

Having followed all of the safety guidelines for meeting potential dates online, we agreed to meet in a public place for the afternoon and maybe get some lunch. When I drove up to our meeting spot he was already parked waiting for me to arrive. I was so excited that my stomach was in knots. As we approached each other the excitement heightened and I wasn't sure whether to shake his hand or go for a hug. His voice eased my anticipation as he said hello, and as I responded we embraced in a hug that felt like one experienced when saying hello to a dear friend from high school. The weeks of communicating had begun to lay the foundation for a friendship that would soon blossom into more.

Since the day we met face to face (or 3D as I affectionately call it), we have maintained a very strong, successful long distance relationship. Even though this success is due in part to maturity, experience, and a desire to make our lives better together; I suspect our passion for each other, love and laughter lead the way. We share a special love for our family and friends. All our children enhance our joy in life and we enjoy time spent together with each of them.

Though there are geographical miles between us, there is no distance between our hearts. Together we are building our "cake" and the "icing" is oh, so sweet!

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