Monday, September 17, 2007

Collectibles: Stuffed Animals

When it comes to collecting things my children each have their favorites. My oldest, Lisa loved her Winnie the Pooh, next was Pamela who loved her Mickey Mouse, followed by Ryan who loves his Puppy, and last but not least Jennifer who still sleeps with her two favorite teddy bears. So, who’s had the most stuffed animals of all my children? Hands down, it has got to be Jennifer! She has a corner hammock that is packed full and running over, monkeys hanging from her dresser mirror, animals on the bookcase, TV, nightstand, and a handful on her bed. Honestly, I’ve got nearly as many stuffed bears, my bad?

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Leigh said...

I didn't have many stuffed animals as a kid. Dolls were my thing. lol My kids, on the other hand, had LOTS of stuffed animals! :)