Sunday, January 20, 2008

Win Some Bath and Body Works Products!

Do you enjoy the sweet smell of Warm Vanilla Sugar? How about Cucumber Melon? One of my favorites is Mango Mandarin and I just saw that they have a shampoo and conditioner in this sweet smell. I've even got a pump bottle of Jasmine Vanilla at my kitchen sink, and everyone that uses it loves it!

Oh yeah, the contest for free products! Musings ê¿ê… is sponsoring a contest and the prize is a collection of the following items:

One Jar - True Blue Spa Self Meditating Body Butter - with Rice Bran Oil & Green Tea
One Jar - Sensual Amber Body Butter
One Tube - I’m in the Mood for Scrub Foaming Body Buff with Shea Butter Beads

So, hop on over and check out Margaret's site and register to win a sampling of special smells!

Thanks Margaret!

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Margaret said...

Thanks for entering the contest!

Good luck!