Friday, January 11, 2008

My Heart Goes Out to Britney & Family

After having gone through a stressful time with one of my teens a few years back, I can only imagine what Britney and her family are going through right now. I am sure it has been hard enough trying to grow up like any other person as a teen, but to have that coupled with stardom and other stresses have to have added to what ultimately pushed her limits. It wasn't bad enough she has already been in and out of drug rehab, but now a mental institute? It hits too close to home, just how difficult it is for some to handle the pressures of life, let alone success at an early age. Will keep a positive thought, that she gets things turned around for her sake, as well as her sons. They are too precious, and the longer it takes, the more of their childhood she will miss spending with them.

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