Monday, January 28, 2008

How Would You Use Your Couponchief?

Well, I could smack myself for not remembering to use the coupons over at when I ordered those three books last week at Amazon! I so thrilled to find the books, and so intent on getting the best deal, that I completely forgot about the Amazon coupons which could have saved me precious pennies on my order. I really do enjoy purchasing my books online as for me it means less crowed lines, fewer miles on my van, and savings not met by my local bookstore. So, I promise to leave myself a note to bring my coupons the next time, BEFORE I purchase!

Regardless, my books should arrive sometime this week. I can hardly wait to see if they are worth the their weight ... LOL! What books did I order? Here's a hint: the books are by a popular author who has been caught in the middle of some recent celebrity chaos! Reviews to come later! ;)

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