Thursday, January 24, 2008

Staying Disciplined

In the following days it will be more difficult to stay disciplined to blogging due to long hours at work during the tax season. I can't imagine trying to multi-task between tax returns and blog posts and have either one maintain a great deal of accuracy or consistency. I prefer to work on my post at home amidst the commotion of two teens and the cats, in lieu of clients coming and going all day long. So, I hope you will be patient with my ramblings during the next few weeks as I try my best to work 71 hours doing taxes and then my evenings sneaking in a post or two.

Thank you for continuing to visit, and hopefully the evenings will permit me enough time for blogging. ;)

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Karen said...

Good luck. I spent all day Saturday, in my office, doing taxes. I got all the quarterlies and the payroll done. Woo hoo! It is so much easier when our business is closed and I don't get interrupted.