Friday, January 4, 2008

Did you say Crisco? Oops!

Do you know what happens when you are half listening when others are talking? You hear half of what they say! Or do you?

Just the other day, a certain blond (I won't mention any names) was working on her computer trying to find out what was making it stick so badly. As she was trying intently to figure things out she thought heard someone in the background offer a suggestion, but she continued working. Frustrated she arose from her task, went to the kitchen, grabbed a small can from the cupboard, and returned to the computer.

As her son returned to the room he asked her what in the world she was doing? There she sat lubricating the insides of her computer!

"I'm making sure my computer runs smoothly by applying some used Crisco," she replied. Her son nearly fell over from laughter. She gave him a puzzled look and asked why he was laughing to which he explained, "Mom, they were discussing a used cisco, not applying some used Crisco!" Can we say ... oops!

The moral of the story is to stop and listen, you could save yourself a lot of trouble!

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