Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When Knowledge is Power

Ignorance causes fear. Ignorance being a lack of adequate information about a subject. Take for instance a child who turns the light off at night in his room. He is afraid because he doesn't realize that there is nothing more in his room in the dark than there is when the light is on. Once he is of an age where reason sets in he is able to make that distinction.

Elections can be a lot like the aforementioned situation for a first time voter. Like this child, the uninformed voter is afraid of what they cannot see. It is very intimidating to try and sift through the various media venues to find truth in either candidate's speeches or promises. On top of that, they are both slinging mud at this point in an attempt to diminish the character of the other. I once told my children that voting was like making a choice between the lesser of the two evils. This year seems no different. So, amid the political muck, where does one help find truthful information to make an educated decision before voting in November?

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

McCain?, O'Bama?, Palin?, Biden? If you want to sift through the mudslinging, go to You will learn the truth and lies--and who said what about whom!!!
Jenn, Happy Belated Birthday---we are both Libras--the best!!!

Guess Who?????

goldengoddess said...

Hello, my friend, and Happy Belated Birthday to you too! Yes, Libras are wonderful people, and I have been blessed with knowing and loving two of the best.

Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to know you are still around. If ever you'd like to chat, you know where to find me ... there's so much to tell you :)