Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three Pairs Later ...

Just what kind of shoes are best for your feet if you standing for long periods of time? I'll be standing about 24 - 35 hours per week on my new job, and even though I'm on a budget I don't want to give up comfort. Last week I purchased a simple pair of shoes from a local retail store for my new job. They met all of my needs, good fit, right color, and the price was within my budget. I had them on less an hour and they were killing my feet. In fact I had to switch them out for my old faithfuls, a pair of clogs.

I decided I'd try wearing my clogs to work on my first day at the grocery store. Bad idea! They were not made for standing still in for any length of time. So, I purchased another pair of shoes at the same store as before, but decided to choose a more expensive style shoe. These are much more comfortable, but I can tell I'll need another pair in a few months. It would appear that the old saying, "you get what you pay for" is true.

While I was at work today, I asked one of my coworkers what kind of shoe they suggested I purchase for the type of work we do. Each seemed to have on a different style, and the ones that interested me the most were the one Dansko shoes. My coworker said they were the most comfortable, and durable shoes she had ever purchased for work. I'd rather pay more for a great pair of comfortable, durable shoes, than to have to repeatedly try and find the same in a cheaper style shoe.

Three purchases of bad shoe styles? Or one pair of comfortable, durable, Dansko's!

Is this what is know as a "no brainer"?

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