Sunday, October 12, 2008

Box Lacrosse!?

As many of you know, Ryan loves playing lacrosse. Well, he and two of his friends are getting that opportunity today as Coach Mac and Coach Kevin are hosting some games for the youth league players in our area. It's going to be a bit different in that they are playing indoors and the game is referred to as "Box Lacrosse". The rules are pretty much the same but there is a limited body contact and no boarding (knocking a player into the wall) rule for the day. If all goes well there will be games each Sunday for two age groups. This type of indoor sport should increase their stick skills for next spring.

The groups are broken up as ages U14 and 15+, each age group will play two games alternating times, one U14 then one 15+, then set again. Ryan is so glad this is becoming a fast growing sport for our area now, he has missed playing since his injury this spring. If they form an age group of 18+ some of the young marines want to play too, and Ryan says if it continues he will come home from college each weekend in order to play. If the college he attends does not have a lacrosse team, perhaps he'll help inspire a movement among students to form a team. After all, he is used to being on start-up teams!

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