Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hiding from One's Responsibilities

Have you seen this man? One should be so lucky! He is my ex-husband, and we've been living in separate locations since May 31st of 2001 and are now divorced. There are several reason why the marriage was no longer working and finances was second in line. If ever there was a person who lived by the seat of his pants it was him. Between what he now owes the IRS, his first ex-wife, and me, were they all combined it would be like winning the lottery!

So how does anyone like this hide from their responsibilities? If this were any honest person they would have never allowed this to happen or been caught long before now. So what keeps him safe? Is it "hip" clothing, a wig, or a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses that easily disguise him from detection? I know it's not the beard, he can't even grow one. Even though he has been served with notifications from the IRS, and both the states of NC & VA, he has managed to escape accountability for his actions. Why?

PS The man pictured here was disguised this way to protect his identity.

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