Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time for New Tactics?

Where in the world did this year go? That's the talk you often hear around our office during this time of year. They warned us. We would no sooner complete the current tax season feeling the time would drag on before the next season, and then BAMM! It's tax season again! That doesn't bother me nearly as much as the idea that we are packing on the pounds with each season and not shedding it afterward. Time for a new tactic for managing weight loss? Indeed!

While I was at my parents home this weekend I saw a commercial for a new weight loss product. Though it sounds good, I'll need to do some research to include alli reviews, and a talk with my doctor before purchasing anything to lighten my load. I hope the reviews are good ones, and that my doctor finds nothing that will prevent me from becoming more physically active.

Of course, having an exercise buddy would help too! ;)


Learn Japanese Review said...

well sometime you have to change things

goldengoddess said...

Someone once said, "with change comes growth". I'd much rather change things than stagnate and lose out on the better things in life. :)