Friday, February 1, 2008

Family Land Investment

Years ago my grandfather built his home on one third of a city block. At the time there wasn't even a paved road yet and his home was stylish for its time. It originally had seven rooms; four bedroom, one bath, living room, and kitchen. Over the years he added an enclosed side porch and a bait and tackle shop. The side porch acted as an entry for the house and a passage way from the kitchen to the shop. My great-grandfather lived with my grandparents and stayed busy by working in the shop.

As the years passed my grandparents divorced, and my grandfather was eventually placed in a care facility while his home sat idle. After a bit a cousin moved in and lived there until she bought a home of her own. It was sad what happened next as my uncle was forced to leave the house sitting during an illness. We all agreed it was a horrible waste of a family's land investment which had been passed down for posterity. Thank goodness my uncle was able to renovate the old house and turn his investment around.

There are a multitude of wonderful memories of happier times with my family in that home, but there will be time for sharing those later. For now those memories remain stored in my heart ...

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Bryzon said...

Its great that the property wasn't wasted. I've always wanted to get my hands on a property that would soon be destroyed so I could save the memories and make my own. I guess its abit romantic, but its great that this happened to you and your family!