Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update on the DSL filter ...

This morning my telephone man called as I was headed out the door to work. He had been by yesterday and attempted to fix the phone line. He ran a new line from the inside jack to the outside jack first, as my son and his friend were heading out for a few minutes, thus causing the repair to be delayed until later.

The telephone man called after he completed his task outside to ask if I would test the line inside when I returned home from work. I did. It was the filter, so I removed the filter and simply used the line on either the phone or the computer. Then, while I was online last night I visited the telephone company site and reported the continued problem on my land-line. The problem was only half solved; I still needed a filter.

His call this morning saved me anywhere from $20 - $40 as he coming by before I head to work to drop off a filter that will replace the one fried by lightening. Since it came as part of the package from the phone company with my DSL unit, it only made sense they replace it. So, instead of kissing the cable man, perhaps I'll kiss the telephone man?

I think I'll save my kisses for "Mr.D" when next I see him. ;)

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