Sunday, February 17, 2008

Visiting Family

It was a much needed visit yesterday as we stopped by my parents for the first time in six weeks. Why so long between visits? Two reasons. Tax season began early in January and having only one day off per week to do all of those dreaded chores left unattended until that day, left no time for pleasure or play. So, with a full weekend to breathe we head down to see my parents and to shop for a few things we couldn't find in our town.

We arrived around 4 p.m. excited to see everyone, enjoyed a delicious meatloaf dinner, and an evening catching up on the events in the last six weeks. Both my parents had been sick in the month of January and Dad was still recovering as his emphysema makes for a longer road back to health. Mom said this was the sickest she had ever seen him. He said he could hardly walk from him chair in the family room to the far end of the kitchen without feeling like he was totally out of breath. Even though he has been sick, he looked really good last night.

On our way home I received a call from my second eldest daughter, Pamela, who announced that she is planning a trip down to visit in April. She will be traveling with a young man named David, who also has family here in NC. They are just beginning a dating friendship which may develop into something more in time, but for now she wants to take her time getting to know him. Good idea.

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