Sunday, February 3, 2008

Who Wants a Memory Foam Mattress???

I do! I do! I really, really, do!!!

Sixty-six and one half hours of work this week, and right about now I need a good nap. I'm sure it would help, however a nap on my current bed would pale in comparison to that of a new queen sized memory foam mattress. As one of nearly thirty-three entries in a contest by, I won't lie, I'd love to see our entry win!

In addition to replacing my sagging spring mattress with a new memory foam mattress, it would mean freeing up resources for this single parent, which would allow me to purchase new beds for the kids as part of my tax refund. Their beds are more than ten years old, and I am sure they'd rest better on new ones.

Take a look the winners thus far:

Winner #1
January 17th - "It is time for a NEW MATTRESS!" submitted by
Winner #2
January 18th -
"Lil' Ceej Commercial" submitted by Cherryl
Winner #3
January 21st - "Sleep Outside the Box; An Epic Mattress" submitted by
Winner #4
January 23rd -
"Beds — It’s a Hard Choice!" submitted by Maggie
Winner #5
January 30th -
"" submitted by justsimplyholly
Winner #6
January 31st - "New Year's Resolutions" submitted by Melissa's Place

Wish us luck, we all need a better night's sleep!


FTL said...

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goldengoddess said...

Thanks! I hope you don't mind that I contacted to check the validity of the offer you left on this post. According to Steve Nice at the offer is all right, and the referral code is legit!

So if you are interested in purchasing one of the many memory foam mattresses from, remember to use the above code!