Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Surprise Valentine Visit!

It was the end of another long work week, and after a brief meeting with my boss, Jenn and I headed home. I decided to go by Wal-Mart too pick up groceries we needed but Jenn kept insisting she was too tired to do a lot of shopping. So we stopped on the way home and picked things up the three things we needed from Food Lion . We also stopped at the little country store before reaching the house.

As I pulled into the driveway, she asked me not to drive too far up into the yard, that the rain had softened the ground and she didn't want me to mess up the yard. I should have picked up on her signals, but after the long week I had just finished, I was not putting things together.

Ignoring her request I pulled forward to park my van. As I did I saw a little yellow car parked beside the house, I was so excited that I quickly exited the van and entered the house to find my visitor. When I opened the front door the aroma of a home cooked meal greeted my senses. In great anticipation of holding someone in my arms, I rounded the corner to find "Mr.D" hiding behind my bedroom door! LOL!

What a wonderful surprise for him to come up to visit a week before planned. After getting a few hugs and kisses, we headed to the kitchen and there on the table was a bouquet of a dozen rainbow colored roses ... sigh ... along with a sweet note, a bottle of red wine, and a pork roast dinner. What more could a woman ask for after a long hard week at work? We all spent the remainder of the evening together watching movies, before turning in.

Then this morning we arose to the sun shining, and we knew we had to get moving for the day. A nice breakfast together and "Mr.D" was back on the road again to attend to things necessary for the coming work week. The kids and I did the same. Laundry and my online work. Now it's time for bed. Thank you Jenn for helping pull off the surprise, and for helping with the laundry.

Thank you "Mr.D" for surprising me, with the beautiful roses, the scrumptious dinner, the wine, the movies, and most especially ... YOU! Once again, you prove that any day spent showing someone you love, how much you love being with them, is truly a "Valentine's" day!


chilli said...

thanks for you comment on *chilli*philosophy*!
to go running is actually a good idea. in the next few weeks i also want to do this. you get some fresh air, you move and...sometimes i just feel like running. i don't know if this can be seen figuratively.
see you

goldengoddess said...

You're welcome, and thanks for stopping by to say hello again!

Have a great day :)