Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update: Who Wants a Memory Foam Mattress???

Hello everyone,

I received a comment on my blog today regarding a Referral Code for 5% off the purchase of a mattress from As a responsible blogger, I contacted the company to check the validity of the offer left by an anonymous reader. According to Steve Nice at the offer is all right, and the code is legit! Here it is:

"You can get a 5% discount off Bedinabox’s low prices for memory foam mattresses (which come with free shipping) and all their other bedding products by entering referral code 13591080511 when checking out."

So remember to include the referral code if you are interested in purchasing any of their wonderful mattresses!

By the way, here is the entire list of winners from round one in the's video contest. You can watch our entry, and though it was not picked this time, who knows, maybe next? It now has 1107 views on YouTube ... LOL!

Remembering With Memory Foam Mattress

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

In no specific order here are the winners beginning with :

Winner #1
January 17th - "It is time for a NEW MATTRESS!" submitted by
Winner #2
January 18th -
"Lil' Ceej Commercial" submitted by Cherryl
Winner #3
January 21st - "Sleep Outside the Box; An Epic Mattress" submitted by
Winner #4
January 23rd -
"Beds — It’s a Hard Choice!" submitted by Maggie
Winner #5
January 30th -
"" submitted by justsimplyholly
Winner #6
January 31st - "New Year's Resolutions" submitted by Melissa's Place
Winner #7
February 19th -
"My Mattress Commercial" by Jill
Winner #8
February 20th -
"the bedinabox" submitted by Sig at Modern Soapbox
Winner #9
February 26th -
"'Twas the Week Before Christmas" submitted by TheSassySoutherner
Winner #10
March 6th -
"Oh Santa" submitted by Staci

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

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