Monday, May 26, 2008

A Rewarding Year with Changing Roles

Last Thursday evening was the FFA Chapter's Annual Awards Banquet. It was a night filled with friends, faculty, fun, food, and lots of awards. Perhaps the most rewarding event for us was the ways in which our children have grown this year. The room was filled with pride as the members watched a slide show presentation by Maria
(the officer's historian). She did a great job!

During the slide show everyone seemed to sense how quickly the year has passed, and as another school year comes to an end, it has been one with many rewards as well as a change in roles. Both Ryan and Jenn are actively involved with their high school's FFA Chapter. Ryan has been a member since his freshman year and served this year as Chaplain on the officer's team. This was Jenn's first year participating as a freshman.

At first Ryan was upset that his sister was wanting to be involved in something that had been "his" experience for the past three years. After a long talk, he agreed that since being a part of the FFA had proven to be such a big help to him and his success in high school and life, why not wish that for his sister? Both of their AG teachers have made an impact in how they learn, in a drive for success, and a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. In fact Ryan and Jenn are considering pursuing careers in some type of agricultural endeavor.

Ryan has decided to take his SAT's this year, talk to his counselor at school about what he has to do to begin applying for college assistance, and take on a new role next year in school as Junior Advisor in the FFA, and spend two semesters as a DOC (doer of chores) for both Ms. Mauney and the new AG teacher. All of this will set in motion his plans to attend college with his best friend, Andrew when he graduates from high school next year.

As for Jenn, she worked hard all year, participating in every event she could, volunteered for teams to compete in regional, federation and now goes on to the state level to compete in two categories, Creed and Tool Team. She was inducted into her newly appointed position as Secretary on the FFA Chapter's officer team.

Ryan exhibited a great deal of teamwork throughout the year, encouraging his sister to go for her goals, and as he retired his position on the team and welcomed Jenn into her first year of service. This picture to the right shows how close these two have become, a welcome change to the antics they experienced as youth. At the end of the banquet, as they all said goodnight you can see the tears of sorrow and joy, as the retiring officers welcome in the junior officers. You could tell it was the ending of another school year, and they would soon be saying their goodbyes.

Here are a few pictures from the banquet, enjoy!

Jenn and Trish
introduce the retiring 2007-2008 Officer's team

Ryan (Chaplain), Maria (Historian), & Emily (Reporter)

Mike (Secretary) & Kali (President)

John (Vice-President)

Anna (Treasurer) & Andrew (Sentinel)

Our heartfelt wishes go with them, as do our prayers for a safe and successful journey in this adventure known as life!

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