Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Imagine GBs of Photos ... in an ity bity space!

On my birthday last year I received a new Sony Digital Camera! It takes awesome stills and videos, and for someone who loves to take photos, this was the perfect gift. It's only limitations is storage space. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing that all too familiar message, "No memory space in internal memory."

For example, when I took pictures of the kids on prom night, I had to limit the poses as I would run out of space. I've been looking for a micro sd memory card for the camera that would allow us to take more photographs before having to transfer them, and enable us to transfer those photographs to our computers no matter where we are located. What amazes me is how many photos you can store in such a small space!

Now approaching our fifth year together, Mr.D and I have lots of pictures of events, our children, and various other subject matter that we'd love to save. Sounds like a good idea, eh?

PS Thanks again for the camera, Mom and Dad!

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